What is an RDS?  What does that even stand for?  

RDS stands for:

R = Restaurant
D = Delivery
S = Service

There are many different forms of an RDS.  As technology increases and effectively blurs the lines of a traditional business, the RDS industry becomes a bit more interesting.Not to be confused with RMDA (Restaurant Marketing & Delivery Service) the association.

  • Delivery Service (short type but still delivering from multiple restaurants)
  • Portal
  • Combination RDS/Portal

It is important to know the distinction between them and how it affects the customer.  


-A delivery service is one that either employs or uses independent contractors to pick up and deliver food from multiple restaurants over a predefined delivery area (also known as delivery zone).  The cost can vary but the process is generally completely done through the delivery service company and not the restaurant.


-Portals came about through the internet and technology.  They aggregate information to one place.  Their purpose is to take all the restaurants that do their own delivery, as well as takeout, and place them all in one place.  A google for restaurant delivery, if you will.  They do not offer delivery themselves.

Combination RDS/Portal

-As technology increases in viability and ease of use, companies have sprouted up that accomplish both sides of the aisle.  A delivery service that you can also order delivery from a restaurant that handles its own delivery.  

Just with all businesses, costs and contracts vary with all companies and you should know the details before ordering.  

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