The Restaurant Delivery Service Industry is BOOMING!  Bruce Brown formed the RMDA in the early 1990’s. After driving around the United States and meeting different owners of RDS’s, he saw the need for an association to bring together people in our industry. The first meeting was held in Chicago, Illinois. The Convention is the ‘Mecca’ of the RDS world and an amazing source of knowledge! Over the years, the annual convention has had several locations including Chicago, IL, Orlando, FL & Las Vegas, NV. It has been held in conjunction with the International Pizza Expo and with the International Restaurant & Hotel Convention. We hope to see you at the next convention!  

The restaurant takeout and delivery industry provides opportunities for people of all backgrounds to achieve what everyone person dreams about.  This industry touches every person in their personal and professional life.  Its an industry that has grown and shaped how people deal with food on an every day situation.  At the RMDA we share your ability, your want, to serve others through an industry that can improve their lives.  This industry can provide time, and peace of mind in a world that moves faster and faster every day.  Membership with the Restaurant Marketing and Delivery Association means you are never alone.  You now posses a base of strong partners who are invested in your continued success.





















































































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